Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Experience in Toronto

If you’ve ever want to learn to fly a plane, you can now experience the thrill and total adrenaline rush of flying without even leaving the ground. The Boeing 737 Flight Simulator flying experience is ideal for anyone looking for their first taste of flying. You will feel like a pilot as you push the throttle, adjust the rudder and point your nose towards the sky before attaining optimal altitude.
Where: Toronto, Ontario
Age restriction: Minimum age for participation - 12 years
Picture of Boeing 737 Flight Simulator - 1 hour
Boeing 737 Flight Simulator - 1 hour
Perfect for the first time flyer who wants to get an idea of what's going on in the cockpit during flight. This package includes a thirty-minute pre-flight briefing covering the flight controls, primary instruments, and basic flying skills. With the remaining time after the briefing, a typical session consists of a take-off, circuit, and a few approaches and landings.
Picture of Boeing 737 Flight Simulator - 1.5 hour
Boeing 737 Flight Simulator - 1.5 hour
The 1.5 hour experience covers more detail and introduces more challenging approaches that will leave you in awe with the challenges that some airports present. This package includes a thirty minute pre-flight briefing covering the primary instruments, flight controls, and basic flying skills. With the time remaining after the briefing, a typical session consists of several take-offs, circuits, approaches and landings.

The closest thing to flying a real plane. 

Designed for the ultimate in realism, this flight simulator is great for almost any age and experience level.

The Horizon 737NG Flight Simulator device is designed to simulate the Boeing 737-800 in virtually all aspects.

During each simulator experience the pilot (that would be you!) gets to choose his or her airport of departure, time of day, weather conditions, and depending on the length of the session a few other options that your instructor will go over with you.

Take the controls and fly!

Take a flight over your favorite city with some basic handling lessons, while enjoying the views.

The flight simulator is made from the cockpit of a real Boeing 737 aircraft.  The Boeing 737-700 seats roughly 130 passengers and its maximum takeoff weight is 70,000 kilograms.  When its racing down the runway, this aircraft lifts off at upwards of 230 km/h and will climb towards it’s cruising altitude as high as 12,500 metres.   With an average cruising speed of 830 km/h, almost 0.78 times the speed of sound, it will get you from Toronto to Vancouver in four hours.

All packages include a 30 minute pre-flight briefing with a qualified instructor. Threshold Aviation's instructors will take you through all aspects of flying and give you the all information you need. 

You can bring along a guest for no additional charge.  You'll get the itch and come back for more!  We promise!  This flight lesson could be just the beginning!

Whether you're interested to become a qualified pilot or you just want to find out why flying is so percent addictive, this full throttle adventure will give you memories to last a lifetime.

Need to know:

  • No Experience is necessary
  • Minimum age of all pilots is 12 years of age.
  • Any participants under the age of 16

If your are looking for fun things to do in Toronto or for a unique gift idea for a birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day or ‘just because’ this Flight Simulator experience is an exciting and memorable experience gift any time of the year!

This Boeing 737 Flight Simulator experience takes place at Mississauga, Ontario

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