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Archery Lessons

Feel the rush as you hit the target and close in on that bullseye!

With an expert instructor teaching you the techniques and skills, you can learn how to pick up a bow and arrow, draw the string, aim and shoot. You will be shooting bullseyes in no time with one of Breakaway Experiences Archery Lessons.

Archery lessons are fun, exciting and rewarding experience gifts. They make fantastic gifts for the Katniss or Robin Hood in your life and for history enthusiasts who want to try this ancient, thrilling sport.

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Learn archery with a private lesson, Caledon, Ontario

Archery Lesson (private)

Try your hand at the ancient sport of archery and put your strength, concentration and precision skills to the test. With this fun archery class you’ll learn the basics of bow and arrow shooting and hit the bullseye!
Learn the sport of archery in a fun, friendly environment, a short drive from Niagara Falls.

Archery Lesson, Niagara Falls

Channel your inner Robin Hood during a 1-hour archery lesson with a fully qualified instructor, only a short drive from Niagara Falls. Learn archery skills in a fun, friendly environment.
Learn archery, axe, and knife throwing. An awesome 2-hour experience near Niagara Falls.

Archery, Knife and Axe Throwing Experience, Niagara Falls

Combine archery, axe, and knife throwing and get ready to test your accuracy and skill during this awesome 2-hour experience!
Learn axe throwing. An awesome experience near Niagara Falls.

Axe Throwing Lesson, Niagara Falls

Learn from how to throw axes through the air and hit right on target. Test your accuracy and skill with this exciting 60-minute lesson.
Learn to fire a crossbow , Niagara region

Crossbow Experience, Niagara Falls

Put your hand-eye co-ordination to the test and learn to fire a crossbow with this thrilling experience in Niagara.
Test your accuracy and skill - Niagara Knife Throwing Lesson

Knife Throwing Experience, Niagara Falls

Get ready to test your accuracy and skill during this exhilarating one-hour knife throwing experience near Niagara Falls.
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