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Ottawa Blacksmith Class - Learn to create with hot metal

Blacksmith Class – Forge Your Own Blacksmithing Tools

What better way to get introduced to blacksmithing than to craft your very own blacksmith tools – a hammer, a punch, and a pair of punch holding tongs. This 7-hr class will introduce you to the art of blacksmithing using age-old techniques and traditional tools.
From $250
Learn the art of blacksmithing in an Ottawa class

Blacksmith Class – Forge Your Own Knife / Axe / War Hammer / Blacksmith Tools

Discover the thrill of forging your own Knife, Axe, War Hammer, or Blacksmithing Tools as you learn the art of blacksmithing. Choose from several forging options at 2 Ottawa locations.
From $165
Blacksmith class - Make your own San Mai razor. A unique Ottawa experience gift.

Blacksmith Class – Forge Your Own San Mai Straight Razor

Discover the art of forging metal blades and make your own San Mai straight razor. This 7-hour course is designed for beginners that have no or little experience in blacksmithing or metalwork.