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Whistler Clue Solving Adventure

Journey through Whistler on a scavenger hunt style mystery sent to your phone. See Whistler from a whole new perspective as you discover hidden gems and popular sights, working together to solve a series of fun clues.
Where: Whistler, British Columbia
Price for: Up To 4 Participants
Availability: COMING SOON
Picture of Whistler Clue Solving Adventure  - Wild Whistler
Whistler Clue Solving Adventure - Wild Whistler
Price shown is per adventure with up to 4 players per team.
Follow a trail of clues around Whistler Village to find missing visitors and their very curious pets! 

Get together in teams of up to 4 players and unlock the adventure. Your Whistler Clue Solving Adventure combines the fun of a scavenger hunt, the challenge of an escape room and the pressure of racing against the clock. It’s much more than just a tour. This clue-solving game adventure will lead you to secrets that even the locals may not know.

You’ll receive a series of clues on the free APP. Each clue will lead you on an easy walk to a new location where you'll solve a puzzle or find a hidden word leading you to the next clue.

This adventure is very easy but still lots of fun. It’s a great experience for families and anyone looking for a fun way to explore Whistler. 

Your Whistler clue-solving adventure: Wild Whistler
Whistler is in trouble and the mayor needs your help! Several people have brought their unusual pet animals into the village and somehow, they escaped. The owners were looking for them and now they have disappeared too. You’ve been given a trail of clues to find the names of all pet owners and their missing pets. Do you and your team have what it takes to be the fastest to find them all?

  • Start location: Whistler Village Stroll
  • Start time: Any day, any time
  • Walking distance: approximately 1.5 km on mostly flat trails.
  • Average time to complete: 45 minutes plus optional breaks.
  • What you need: At least one fully charged cellphone per team (we advise 2+) and footwear for flat walking around town. Dress for the weather.
  • Children: This adventure is perfect for families.

How it works:

  • We suggest teams of 2 to 4 players. It’s more fun when working together to find and solve clues.
  • Register your adventure and pick your start date with the tour provider. This is done after you’ve activated your experience on Breakaway Experiences’ website. You’ll then receive an email with your access code and instructions.
  • Download the free APP and use the access code to activate your adventure.
  • Each clue you receive on the APP will lead you to a new location to solve a riddle or a puzzle.
  • Submit the correct answer and you’ll immediately get the next clue. Hints and directions are available to help you out.
  • Complete all the clues and solve the final mystery! 

Need to know:

  • You are not required to purchase anything along the route, however there will be time for shopping and dining if you wish.
  • Please ensure that your cellphone is charged before you start. Additional phones can be added to your game at no extra cost.
  • Data plans are only used to activate the adventure and are not used during play. You are only required to use the phone for the APP - no internet browsing or photos.

If you're looking for family fun things to do in Whistler or you're looking for a  great experience gift, try this fantastic Whistler Clue Solving Adventure!

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