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Welland Canal and Port Dalhousie Segway Tours

Explore the stunning Welland Canal and Port Dalhousie on a fun, easy and exciting Segway tour!
Where: St. Catharines, Ontario
Age restriction: Minimum age for participation - 12 years
Price for: 1 Participant
Picture of Lock 7 Segway Tour
Lock 7 Segway Tour
Duration: 2 hours
Picture of Twin Locks Segway Tour
Twin Locks Segway Tour
Duration: 1 hour
Picture of Port Dalhousie Segway Tour
Port Dalhousie Segway Tour
Duration: 90 minutes

Choose from 3 unique tours of “"Where the Ships Climb the Mountain”

The Welland Canal, one of the amazing man-made wonders of the world, was originally constructed in 1829 to link Lake Erie with Lake Ontario. 42 km (27 miles) from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. As part of the St. Lawrence Seaway, and 42 km from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, the canal allows ships to avoid Niagara Falls by traversing the Niagara Escarpment.

Lock 7 Segway Tour
The Lock 7 Tour starts from the Lock 3 Museum and continues south up the Niagara Escarpment past the Twin Locks, ending at the Lock 7 Information Centre. Lock 7 is the highest point of the Canal system at 174.3 metres (572 feet) above sea level. That is the equivalent height to the top of Niagara Falls. Watch a vessel squeeze into the lock, with only inches on each side. Onlookers hold their breath with thoughts that she is going to get stuck. As she passes by the viewing area everyone looks up and up at the giant in front of them, only a metre away. You feel like you can reach over and touch it.

Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 9 km

Twin Locks Segway Tour
The Twins Locks Tour starts from the Lock 3 Museum, continues south up the Niagara Escarpment. The Twin Locks is the most complex part of the Welland Canal System, where the magic happens. This is where the ships climb the mountain because this set of locks function like giant steps in a large flight of stairs.

Duration: 1 hour
Distance: 5 km

Port Dalhousie Segway Tour
ort Dalhousie is where the Lake Ontario entrance to the Welland Canal begins and is a beautiful little town with unique cafés and restaurants.  This guided Segway tour will start at Jaycee Gardens Park along the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta Course and travel through Rennie Park. Then, the tour goes around the Port with its beautiful views of the lake and marina before visiting the Lakeside Park with its beautiful beach and antique carousel.

Duration: 90 minutes
Distance: 7 km.

Need to know:

  • Tours are available year round.
  • Your tour begins with a 10-minute introduction, safety, and training session on the Segway.
  • Tours will run rain or shine unless conditions are deemed unsafe by your tour guide. Bring appropriate clothing.
  • Minimum Age is 12 yrs.
  • Riders must be able to easily and quickly step on and off the Segway without assistance, which requires physical abilities similar to climbing and descending stairs without any assistance or use of a handrail.
  • Minimum weight is 100 lbs. Maximum weight is 250 pounds.
  • Riders must wear the helmet that is provided with the tour or provide a similar multi-impact sports helmet (must be CSA approved).
  • Riders cannot wear shoes with high heels.
  • Riders must complete the Segway Training Clinic and test ride.
  • It is not recommended that pregnant women and any person with health restrictions or seizure disorders participate in this activity.
  • Riders are responsible for all damage to equipment and will be required to pay damage fees as assessed by a company manager.
  • Riders will be required to sign a waiver of liability.
  • You must be on time.  If you are late the tour will commence without you.

If you are looking for a great gift for someone who loves to try new things, or if you’ve never been on a Segway before, it’s something you should definitely try!

This experience takes place at St. Catharines, Ontario. VIEW MAP

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