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Virtual Reality Fighter Jet Experience

Engage your senses and take on the virtual air combat world in a high-speed fighter jet. This virtual reality flight simulator experience is as close as you’ll get to the real thing! Take the controls, kick in the afterburners and soar across the sky!
Where:Montreal, Quebec
Age restriction:Minimum age for participation - 14 years
Picture of Virtual Reality Fighter Jet Experience - 30 MINUTES
Virtual Reality Fighter Jet Experience - 30 MINUTES
Price shown is for 1 person.
Picture of Virtual Reality Fighter Jet Experience - 60 MINUTES
Virtual Reality Fighter Jet Experience - 60 MINUTES
Price shown is for 1 person.
Picture of Virtual Reality Fighter Jet Experience FOR TWO - 30 MINUTES
Virtual Reality Fighter Jet Experience FOR TWO - 30 MINUTES
Price show is for 2 people , with 30 minutes of flight each.
Picture of Virtual Reality Fighter Jet Experience FOR TWO - 60 MINUTES
Virtual Reality Fighter Jet Experience FOR TWO - 60 MINUTES
Price show is for 2 people, with 60 minutes of flight each.
Get a feel for what it’s really like to fly a fighter jet!

Before you begin your mission, your instructor will help you with your flight gear – Flight Suit, Mae Vest and Anti-G Pants.

Next is the pre-flight briefing to prepare for your mission. During your briefing, you will have the opportunity to choose, with your instructor, from a variety of aircraft and missions ranging from basic flying and the practice of air combat to formation flight and carrier landing. Once your mission has been determined you’ll go over ballistics, avionics and aerodynamics.

How it works: You'll get settle into on a replica of the ACES II ejection seat, tilted at 35 degrees, harness your parachute, and then put on your virtual reality helmet. Your instructor will give you a quick introduction to the fighter jet controls before you turn on your virtual reality headset. Your instructor will guide you through the basics of flight before you are free to challenge yourself with more complex manoeuvres such as turning, climbing and performing loops and barrel-rolls. Your instructor will be there to assist throughout your experience.

Being able to have two pilots flying simultaneously, the virtual reality system is able to reproduce the most dangerous missions that the combat pilots are brought to carry out:

  • Air combat missions
  • Reconnaissance Flights
  • Fire support missions (Close Air Support)
  • Bombing missions
  • Training missions including: aerobatics, formation flight, inflight refueling and aircraft carrier take-off and landing practice.

The flight simulators are modular and allow you to ‘fly’ several types of aircraft: Climb into a CF-18 Hornet, F-15C Eagle, Mirage 2000C, a Sukhoi 27, A-10 Thunderbolt, or the famous Mig-29. You can even take up the challenge with a Harrier Jump Jet take off of vertical take-off and landing from a carrier or landing on a Russian aircraft carrier with a Sukhoi SU-33.

The HOTAS flight controls (Hands-on Throttle and Stick) make it possible to reproduce most of the features of these fighter aircraft…the only limit is your imagination.

The virtual reality software simulates theaters of operations in the Middle East, Russia and North America. Which area of operations will your mission be in?

The fight will be on as you try everything to prevent your opponent from getting behind you and locking on! 

After you've completed your mission, you'll land and proceeding to a debriefing where you will be given your scorecard. The best aces of the squadron will have their picture on the squadron wall and their names added to the Topgun trophy.


  • Discover what it is like to fly a fighter jet in an integrated flight simulator.
  • Get a taste of what it’s like to be a real fighter pilot.
  • Experience air-to-air combat and air-to-ground combat.
  • You can bring up to 4 people as spectators. It’s free for them.

When:  Available year-round Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 10am - 10:pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm

Need to know:

  • No experience is needed.  The experience is for all, pilots and non-pilots alike.
  • Minimum age is 14 yrs of age.
  • Pre-flight briefing is in addition to the flight times of 30 or 60 minutes.
  • The Jet Fighter Flight Simulator Experience is not recommended for people with heart problems or who are prone to vertigo.

The Jet Fighter Virtual Reality Flight Simulator takes place in Laval, Quebec   VIEW MAP

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