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Ultralight Trike Introductory Flight

Learn to fly across the sky with an Ultralight Trike Introductory Flight. Feel the excitement of an open-air cockpit as you are flying over Drayton Valley.
Where:Drayton Valley, Alberta
Price for:1 Participant
Picture of Ultralight Trike Introductory Flight - 20 minutes
Ultralight Trike Introductory Flight - 20 minutes
Picture of Ultralight Trike Introductory Flight - 30 minutes
Ultralight Trike Introductory Flight - 30 minutes
Experience the sensation of flight during this Ultralight Trike airborne adventure. 

There are no prerequisites or requirements to enjoy this introductory flight except for the desire to experience something new and exciting. Your adventure begins when you meet with your certified and friendly instructor for a pre-flight briefing to explain the weather and aerodynamics influencing the motorized hang glider.

During your introductory flight you will have the chance to be the pilot and steer the Ultralight Trike. All this as you enjoy views of Drayton Valley from the air.

A ULA (Ultralight aircraft) is composed of a robust hang-glider and a powered tricycle. This aircraft can take off from a field or runway and fly at an average speed of 90 km per hour. One unique characteristic of this aircraft is the large weight it can carry compared to its empty weight. A two-seater trike ultra-light can carry more payload than a Cessna 152.

Whether you are looking for a new hobby or simply want to check this off your bucket list, this Ultralight Trike Introductory Flight over Drayton Valley is the ticket.

What's included:

  • Discovery flight with instructor.
  • Pre-flight briefing.

Season: April - October

Need to know:

  • Minimum age for participation is 16 yrs.
  • Maximum weight is 250 lbs.
  • Dress comfortably for the weather and flat rubber-soled athletic shoes are recommended.
  • Participants will be provided with all necessary equipment.
  • The flights are dependent on the weather conditions.

Your Ultralight Trike Introductory Flight takes place at Drayton Valley, a short drive west of Edmonton. VIEW MAP

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