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Skydiving Ottawa - Gatineau

Only 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa, get to ready to feel the thrill of jumping from a plane at a height of 13,500 feet. This experience is perfect for your first tandem jump.
Where:Gatineau, Quebec
Price for:1 Participant
Age restriction:Minimum age for participation - 16 years
Picture of Tandem Skydive Jump - 13,500 feet
Tandem Skydive Jump - 13,500 feet
Experience the unbelievable thrill of tandem skydiving over Ottawa - Gatineau!

Tandem skydiving is the quickest and easiest way to completely experience the exhilarating sport of skydiving. Strapped to a qualified and experienced instructor the whole time, you’ll enjoy the unique sensation of free fall and then relax, enjoy the ride as you take in the spectacular scenery below you.

Your tandem skydive experience:

  • You will have a 15 to 20 minutes training course before your jump.
  • You will board the plane, accompanied by your instructor and wearing a jump suit and a harness.
  • Once the exit altitude of 13,500 feet is reached, you will jump out of the plane tightly hooked to your instructor and enjoy the freefall experience (approximately 1 minute at about 200 km/h).
  • Once the parachute is deployed, at approximately 5000 feet, you’ll enjoy a descent under canopy and enjoying the spectacular scenery of the National Capital Region, followed by a soft landing.

What's included:

  • Tandem jump at approximately 13 500 feet.
  • Free fall of nearly one minute at about 200 km/h.
  • All necessary accessories including skydiving suit and googles.
  • Small groups of three to eight persons per flight.

Duration:Please allow for a maximum of 4 hours.

Season:May to October

Need to know:

  • The minimum age for participation is 16yrs.
  • Weight restrictions: over 230lbs an additional $ 50 will be charged on site. We guarantee that a jump beyond a weight of 250 pounds will be permitted. Beyond that weight, the tandem skydive provider must see you in person to determine if the jump can be made.
  • Dress casually, according to the weather. Closed shoes are required. They must not have hooks for laces. No sandals.
  • Some constraints, such as the weather, may cause delays.
  • Drug and alcohol consumption is prohibited on the site and, of course, before the practice of skydiving.
  • For people with disabilities, it depends on your disability and each case is evaluated individually.
  • If it rains, the clouds are low, or the wind is strong, you may have to reschedule your skydiving experience to a later convenient date for you.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the time of your reservation.
  • Your friends and family are welcome to come to witness your landing. They can accompany you up to the time you leave to board the plane and be there for your landing. There is a waiting area for visitors.

Whether you are looking for an exciting outdoor adventure or a unique experience gift, this tandem skydiving experience in Ottawa - Gatineau is the ticket!

This Tandem Skydiving experience takes place at Gatineau, Quebec   VIEW MAP

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