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Play-at-Home Clue Solving Adventures - The Brotherhood Mystery

Do you have what it takes to follow a trail of clues around the world? Mystery, Suspense, Intrigue! They are all there in this three-part virtual adventure. This unique scavenger hunt style, clue solving adventure is your chance to explore the world AT HOME with friends.
Where:In your home
Price for:Up to 8 Participants
3 thrilling online clue solving adventures!

Immerse yourself in the thrilling storylines and puzzles of The Brotherhood play-at-home adventures!

Using a custom APP, you and your team will need to work together to figure out how to decipher the clues and riddles you receive, but watch out, there are a couple of twists along the way!

The Clue Solving Adventures:

An old friend has sent you an alarming letter that sets in motion a chain of events that has you travelling around the world to unmask the members of a sinister organization called The Brotherhood!

Part 1: The Brotherhood: Beginnings
Robert 'Bertie' Bellthorpe is one of the most sincere and friendliest people you have ever met and one of your oldest friends. Robert has run his quiet family bookshop for years. Earlier today you received a chilling letter suggesting that not only is Bertie's life in danger, but that somehow, he has become involved in a sinister plot with global stakes! Do have what it takes to follow a trail of clues around the world to track down the mysterious Brotherhood, and find Bertie?

Part 2: The Brotherhood: Cat and Mouse
As the game continues, you receive some shocking news and are faced with some big decisions. It is not just your ability to solve clues and riddles that is being tested, but the very choices you make along the way.You may have more control than you think!

Part 3: The Brotherhood: Final Choice
Your biggest challenge awaits as your pursuers from the Brotherhood draw near. You have the power to change the world. The question is do you have what it takes to do so? And which side are you really on?

How it works:

  • Price shown is per Mystery purchased.  Your mystery can be for any size team but we recommend playing in teams of 2 - 5 players.
  • Once you’ve registered your adventure and selected your start date with the game provider, you’ll receive an email with the instructions and the access code. This happens after you’ve activated your experience on Breakaway Experiences’ website.
  • Download the free APP and use the access code to activate your ‘The Brotherhood’ adventures.
  • The App has a REMOTE PLAY where you can play with family and friends! You may add additional phones / computers within your team AFTER you have started and received your first clue.
  • You’ll receive a series of clues (16) for each part on the free APP. Each clue will guide through the game clues and riddles to solve.
  • Submit the correct answer and you will immediately get the next clue. Don’t worry, hints and directions are available, but they’ll cost you a time penalty.
  • Complete all the clues and solve the mystery!
  • We suggest you play in a team of 2 or more players and have at least one tablet or computer at hand. You will need to do a lot of FUN sleuthing online.
  • Using the APP you can play with friends remotely.

When: Any Day, Any Time, Wherever you want to play.

Where: Anywhere you can access to the internet.

Duration: Each ‘The Brotherhood’ mystery will take approximately 2 hours.

If you are looking for fun things to do or a unique experience gift for friends or family members that can bring you together even when you can’t physically be together, this clue solving mystery is the way to go!

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