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Japanese Tea Virtual Tasting Classes

Get your taste buds ready for Japanese tea in a virtual tasting experience! With tasting kits delivered to your home, a Japanese tea expert will provide insights on all things tea related.
Availability:Currently not available
Where:In your home
Price for:1 Participant
A virtual tea tasting experience suited to these times of social distance get-togethers and events!

If you are new to Japanese tea, curious about the world of tea or would like to learn more, this unique virtual experience is for you! Learn about a variety of infusing methods, the different methods of cultivation, new trends, the history of Japanese tea from its origins to our modern society and much more.

Shiho Kanamaru from Kyushu in the south of Japan, owner of Montreal’s Cha Do Raku teahouse and boutique, will lead you through each virtual workshop. As a purchaser of tea directly from Taiwan and Japan, coupled with her true love of tea, Shiho is the perfect guide for your tea tasting experience.

4 Japanese Tea Virtual Tasting classes to choose from:

  • What is Japanese tea and how to enjoy it:

April 11 and May 16 at 2pm EST
You will learn what makes Japanese green tea different from other teas. You’ll learn its history, green tea and oxidation, and taste different varieties of green teas from Japan.
The tasting kit you’ll receive includes:

  4 teas (5g each) - Kamairicha, Icho Kamairi (pan roasted), Sencha,Mushisei (steam-treated), and single origin Sencha.
  A piece of dark chocolate made by a Montreal chocolate maker.

  • Umami: Gyokuro and Matcha:

April 18 and May 30 at 2pm EST
You will learn how these Gyokuro and Matcha green teas from Ujitawara, Kyoto Japan, are made, their history and how to infuse them.
The tasting kit you’ll receive includes:
  5g of Gyokuro sencha

  1g of Matcha powder
  Small piece of dried kombu from Japan (to sample and to taste Umami)

  • Aroma of Roasting Green Tea: Hojicha and Genmaicha:

April 25 and June 13 at 2pm EST
You’ll taste two green teas that are low in theine. You will learn how to make your own Hojicha tea and roasting rice and how to blend your own Genmaicha.
The tasting kit you’ll receive includes:

  5 g of each tea from Cha Do Raku
  Genmaicha blending kit (Organic brown rice raw 10g, already roasted Genmaicha rice mix 10g, green tea mix 20g)
  Hoji making kit – green tea to roast 20g

  • Pairings Food and Tea: Goishicha and Guricha:

May 09 and June 27 at 2pm EST
You will learn how Japanese use tea with food. You will explore how taste profiles contribute to successful food and green tea pairing: acidity, astringency, sweetness and umami.  You will make Ochazuke, a fresh Japanese rice dish using the provided ochazuke mix, cooked rice, and tea for the broth with sour pickles.  You will also explore the classic way Japanese appreciate the taste of tea.
The tasting kit you’ll receive includes:

  5g of Guricha
  3g of Goishicha – fermented tea and Japanese puerh
  Kombu Rausu – ochazuke mix with dry ingredients, homemade by Cha Do Raku
  1 cup Japanese rice Koshihikari to cook

  Umeboshi (preserved sour plum)

How it works:

  • After you’ve activated your experience on Breakaway Experiences’ website, you’ll receive instructions on how to reserve your virtual tea tasting time/day with the experience provider.
  • The experience provider will send your tasting kits to your home and go over details on logging into the online event.
  • Please allow for one week to receive your kits prior to the date of the tasting event.
  • The tastings take place entirely in the comfort of your home.

What included:

  • Unique, high quality teas.
  • A virtual Japanese tea tasting session with an industry professional.
  • Delivery to your home or theirs (if they received a great gift from you) anywhere within North America.
  • An experience that aims to bring you the same feeling of discovery you would experience on a regular food tour.

Duration: 90-minutes

For family and friends anywhere in North America who are big fans of tea ... if they have a laptop or tablet and the internet ... this is the perfect experience gift for them!

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