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Learn to Fly - Brandon, Manitoba

Learn to fly over Brandon, Manitoba with 30 or 60 minute Introductory Flying Lesson. You’ll feel the adrenaline rush as you take the controls of your light aircraft and fly across the Manitoba sky.
Where:Brandon, Manitoba
Price for:1 Participant
Brandon Manitoba Learn to Fly, Breakaway Experiences
Brandon Discovery Flight - 30 minutes
Brandon Manitoba Learn to Fly, Breakaway Experiences
Brandon Discovery Flight - 60 minutes
Turn your dream of flying into a reality!

This Introductory Flying Lesson is the perfect experience gift for someone dreaming of what it’s like to fly an airplane.

Your lesson begins with meeting your Pilot. Next, you’ll get yourselve strapped and get ready for take-off! Departing from Brandon Municipal Airport, listen in as your pilot gets clearance for take-off. Feel the power and speed as your aircraft gently lifts into the sky.

Once airborne, the fun part of learning to fly really begins. After a demonstration of how to manoeuvre the aircraft, you get to take the controls. You’ll practice gaining and losing altitude, turns, and staying on a straight course ... easier said than done!

You can stay in control of the aircraft for most of the time if you want, or the instructor can take over while you enjoy the view and take some pictures for lasting memories of the experience. As your flying lesson draws to an end, the instructor will take over for landing.

As a final bonus, should you get the flying bug and decide to get your license, this flying lesson counts towards your flying time. You'll already be on your way to becoming a pilot!

When: Available year-round

Need to know:

  • Only one "Pilot" per flight. Passengers are not permitted during flight lessons.
  • Minimum age for participation is 14 yrs.
  • Participants under 18 years of age will require the signature of a parent or guardian.
  • Flying lesson is weather dependent. It is vital you call the flight school before leaving home for the flight.
  • Maximum weight permitted is 500lbs.

Whether you are looking to begin a new hobby or simply interested in seeing what it feels like to take over the controls of a plane, this introduction to flying a plane will be unforgettable!

Let us help you surprise someone with a great birthday, Father's Day or Christmas gift or check this fun experience gift off your list of fun things to do in Brandon!

Your Discover Flying Lesson takes place at the Brandon Municipal Airport. VIEW MAP

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