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Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Experience in Vancouver

Take the controls and learn to fly in a Boeing 737 Flight Simulator in Vancouver. With a professional pilot instructor in the seat next to you, become immersed in the world of flight, from take-off to landing with flights at 30,000 feet, airports, and weather conditions. Choose from over 2400 destinations, with you at the controls!
Where:Vancouver, British Columbia
Age restriction:Minimum age for participation - 13 years
Vancouver Boeing Flight Simulator 30 MINUTES
Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Vancouver – 30 MINUTES
Price is for 1 person.
Vancouver Boeing 737 Flight Simulator 60 MINUTES
Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Vancouver - 1 HOUR
Price is for 1 person.
Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Vancouver 120 minutes
Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Vancouver - 2 HOURS
Price is for 1 person.
Vancouver Boeing Flight Simulator Dual Pilot 35 MINUTES
Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Vancouver – Dual Pilot 35 MINUTES
Price is for 2 people.
Vancouver Boeing Flight Simulator Dual Pilot 60 MINUTES
Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Vancouver – Dual Pilot 1 HOUR
Price is for 2 people.


Get ready to channel your inner pilot and learn to fly a Boeing 737!

This is the perfect experience gift for someone who wants to discover what's going on in the cockpit during flight. You’ll feel like a real pilot as you climb into the Captain's seat and take-off, fly and land a Boeing 737NG. It will feel like you are actually flying, all while staying firmly planted on terra firma.

You’ll be "flying" in an exact replica of a Boeing 737NG airliner cockpit equipped with a state-of-the-art computer and sound system that recreates the exact environment of the aircraft. Professional pilots use the same simulator for training and maintaining their qualifications.

Select from over 2400 destinations around the world and the weather conditions for the flying experience you want. Experience a sunset from above the clouds, fly over the Himalayas during a storm, or over rough seas at low altitude. You decide. You are at the controls!

A professional pilot instructor will be at your side throughout the flight, from takeoff to landing, to show you all the ins and outs of flying. They will be there to advise you and answer any questions.

In addition to your flight time, your instructor will provide you with a briefing of about 20 minutes prior to take-off to get you familiar with the environment you are about to become immersed into.

It’s a unique, unforgettable adventure for almost any age and experience level!

Up to 2 of your friends can accompany you in the cockpit for free, as spectators, to enjoy this immersive jet flight simulator experience and amazing view!

Experience highlights:

  • Fly a B737-800 NG in a fixed base flight simulator.
  • You’ll be at the controls of a full scale, functional replica of a real Boeing 737 cockpit.
  • Experience a 220-degree view of the external environment providing a completley immersive experience with outstanding ground details projection.
  • An instructor is with you throughout the experience.

When: available year-round Wednesday - Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm*
*subject to availability

Need to know:

  • No experience is needed.  The experience is for all, pilots, and non-pilots alike.
  • Minimum age for participation is 13 years.
  • You can bring up to two friends who can assist during your flight for free.
  • Pre-flight briefing, approximately 20 minutes, is in addition to your flight times.

A great introduction to flying, this flight simulator experience is the ideal gift for flying enthusiasts, or simply those who love to try exciting, new activities.

This Boeing 737 flight simulator experience takes place in Richmond, BC a short drive from Vancouver    VIEW MAP

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