Tandem Skydiving, Ottawa - Gatineau

Experience a tandem skydiving over Ottawa-Gatineau with Parachute GO Skydive where 60 seconds feels like a lifetime as you fly through the air in the world's most exhilarating experience. Get excited, suit up and take off into the clouds for the most awesome adventure of your life!
Where: Gatineau, Quebec
Picture of Tandem Skydive Jump
Tandem Skydive Jump
Picture of Tandem Skydive Jump with Video and Photo Souvenirs
Tandem Skydive Jump with Video and Photo Souvenirs
Keep a lasting memory of your skydiving adventure with a professional video with music and more than 50 high resolution photos on a Parachute GO Skydive USB stick
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Experience the unbelievable thrill of freefall!

Securely attached to your experienced tandem instructor, you will be guided through your entire skydive. All you have to do is enjoy the rush! 

Tandem skydiving is the easiest and quickest way to completely experience the wonderful sport of skydiving!  Following a training session of 15 minutes, the tandem jump will make you live the ultimate sensation of freefall at over 200 km/h for approximately one minute…just imagine! You will then be taken away by the wonderful landscape of the National Capital’s Region and the Ottawa River, sitting comfortably under the parachute. 

Rest assured, a professional tandem instructor accompanies you and takes care of everything! Highly qualified, experienced and, above all, passionate, our instructors guides you and builds your confidence throughout your adventure with us. Fun and extreme emotions are guaranteed! 

Once in the plane, we will ascent for about 20 minutes, during which we will fly over the Ottawa-Gatineau valley. At the recommend altitude, you will be securely attached to your instructor. When the door opens, the fun begins! After a minute of freefall, you will ride the parachute while enjoying a stunning view until you arrive for a smooth landing!

Need to know: 


  • We ask that you book 4 hours of your time, even if the skydiving experience last approximately 1h30. Some constraints, such as the weather, may cause delays.

  • A 15 minutes training session will be given to those who perform their first tandem jump.
  • We will provide the skydiving suit and equipment necessary. 
  • The maximum weight is 230 pounds (104 kilos) dressed.
  • Dress casually, according to the weather. Closed shoes are required (no sandals) and they must not have hooks for lace.

  • Alcohol and drug consumption is prohibited on the site and, of course, before the practice of skydiving.
  • Weather restrictions:  If it rains, the clouds are low, or the wind is strong, we may have to reschedule your skydiving experience at a later convenient date for you.
  • Skydiving is available from the beginning of May until the last weekend of October.