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Breakaway Experiences Christmas Gifts and Christmas Presents

Stunt Driving Experience + Ride Along CHRISTMAS SPECIAL

Learn how to drive a car like the stuntmen and stuntwomen in the movies. PLUS you can bring along a co-pilot for FREE. Buy a Stunt Driving Experience from now until December 25, 2017 and receive a Ride Along experience for FREE! ( $59 value )

Looking for a cool Christmas gift? J-Turns, Reverse 180s and Slalom Driving ... need we say more?

Set up in a safe environment Wings & Slicks provide the cars and the expertise to not only entertain you but make you a better driver by the end of the program.  Instructors with years of stunt driving experience will be right beside you to coach you through each exercise with each exercise preparing you for the next.

Start off with a review of the stunts and principles of Stunt Driving.  Then you’ll do a few practice runs to get you warmed up. 

Next you will learn and practice 3 stunts:

  • Slalom driving. 
  • J-Turn
  • Reverse 180

At the end of the day you compete with your fellow participants in a course designed to challenge you in every way

Ride Along Experience:  Just hang on and let others do the driving. Ride along with the instructors and students as they take the cars through the stunts. (1 Ride Along per Stunt Driving experience)

Duration:  4 hours


  • Arrival – Registration and Insurance Waiver signing

  • 20 min – Chalk Talk – Briefing on how to execute and safety briefing

  • 45 min – Slalom Course Runs – The instructors coach you in car as you take 6 runs at executing this course.

  • 45 min – J-Turn – The instructors will demonstrate with you one on one in car and then the instructor stays with you as you take 4 runs at executing this turn.

  • 45 min – Reverse 180 Turn – The instructors will demonstrate with you one on one in car and then instructor stays with you as you take 6 runs at executing this turn.

  • 45 min – Competition Runs – You’ll drive through an obstacle course that requires all three skills to be executed in sequence. These runs are timed and judged by your peers.

  • 15 min – Trophy and Certificate Presentation.


Location and Dates:

Country Heritage Park

Milton, Ontario


  • Saturday, August 18, 2018
  • Saturday, September 08, 2018
  • Saturday, October 06, 2018
  • Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Cars: BMW 328 Coupes with automatic transmissions

The Facility

  • Large open paved surface with covered pit area

  • Slippery surface is created to aid skidding and spinning

  • Obstacles using cones and flags

Need to Know

  • Minimum age for this experience is 16 years.

  • Drivers under the age of 18 will need a parental waiver signed.

  • Maximum participants is 12.

  • What to wear: Light comfortable clothing. Prepare for rain or shine. This is an outdoor event.

  • Spectators allowed: yes

  • Participants are liable for damage they cause which is beyond normal wear and tear to the vehicle.

  • An insurance waiver must be signed by every participant.

  • Advanced reservations required, subject to availability. Programs run between April and October.

  • From time to time we may need to reschedule booked dates due to reasons outside of our control.

  • Must present certificate upon arrival.

  • Breakaway Experiences shall not be responsible for accident, loss, misfortune or damage of any kind (to property or person) relating to any of the above services.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift idea for him or her that they will always remember - this is it! This Stunt Driving Experience is the perfect Christmas present for the car racing fan...or Dukes of Hazard fan.  The will never forget this adrenaline filled experience you gave them!

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