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Stunt Driving

Learn to drive like they do in the movies! in stunt driving school.

This is your once-in-a lifetime opportunity to discover the tricks of the trade from professional stunt drivers.

Your Stunt Driving Experience begins with a welcome introduction and in-depth briefing session where you’ll meet your professional instructor and learn the theory of precision driving and car dynamics.

Next up, it’s time for the real fun to begin with some hands-on fun behind the wheel.  You’ll then get to tackle stunt driving moves the J-Turn, Slalom Driving and the Reverse 180.

Whether you are looking to feed your adrenalin, improve your driving skills or begin a new hobby, this Stunt Driving Experience is the ticket and makes a truly unique gift!

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Drifting and Spinning Experience

Where Milton, Ontario
Price for 1 Participant
The Drifting and Spinning Experience is no ordinary driving experience. You'll learn wicked drift and spin techniques from professional stunt drivers. Put your nerves to the test and your foot to the floor and try one or all of these incredibly fast-paced and exhilarating driving experiences today!
From $69

Stunt Driving Experience

Where Milton, Ontario
Price for 1 Participant
Learn how to drive a car like the stuntmen and stuntwomen in the movies. Experience the thrill of making a car do some fun, crazy stunts. This Stunt Driving Experience provides the cars, professional stunt drivers and a safe environment at Country Heritage Park (Milton) to do J-Turns, Reverse 180s, and Slalom Driving.
From $49

Stunt Driving Experience - "Spin Class"

Where Milton, Ontario
Price for 1 Participant
Learn to drive like they do in the movies in this 2 hour Stunt Driving Spin Class. Set up at Country Heritage Park (Milton), you will receive hands-on training from Wings and Slicks’ highly trained, professional stunt driving staff.
From $49


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