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Experience the most extreme thrill around and put your nerves to the test with one of our breath-taking skydiving experiences! Skydiving is undeniably an experience you will remember for the rest of your life…and perfect as an extra special experience gift for any thrill-seeking friend.

Nothing compares to the mind-blowing feeling of jumping from a plane and freefalling thousands of metres to the earth below, before your parachute is deployed and you drift gently to the ground. The rush of adrenaline you’ll have from a tandem skydive is like nothing you’ve ever felt before!

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Tandem Skydiving, Ottawa - Gatineau

Where Gatineau, Quebec
Experience a tandem skydiving over Ottawa-Gatineau with Parachute GO Skydive where 60 seconds feels like a lifetime as you fly through the air in the world's most exhilarating experience. Get excited, suit up and take off into the clouds for the most awesome adventure of your life!
From $275

Tandem Skydiving, Toronto.

Where Toronto, Ontario
Price for 1 Participant
Enjoy the unrivalled thrill of freefalling towards the ground from 13,500 feet up in the air with this adrenaline-pumping Toronto tandem skydiving experience.