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Pole Dancing Classes - Ottawa West

Where: Ottawa, Ontario
Price for: 1 Participant
Enjoy learning the art of Pole Dancing while getting your body in superior with a 4 week teaser pole fitness classes. You will gain upper body strength and coordination while invigorating your soul.

Come and twist, twirl, spin and flip your way to a sexier, slimmer and stronger you.


Pole dancing is a great way to stay in shape or get in shape! It is sexy, fun and it promotes flexibility. The great thing about pole dancing classes is you need not be a seasoned dancer to learn it; individuals with zero experience in dancing can learn the twists, turns, climbs and spins in no time.

Pole Classes begin with floor work for strength, flexibility and sensual movement.  Master basic pole tricks such as the Fireman, Sunwheel, Front Hook and Back Hook.  Each dance lesson will develop a basic routine, incorporating floor work, transition moves, and tricks.  Pole fitness classes are designed to suit any fitness level and body type.

Duration: 4 weeks


This experience takes place in Ottawa (West).   VIEW MAP


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