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Monkey Grooming

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia
Where: Toronto, Ontario
Where: Ottawa, Ontario
Since the dawn of time, all primates have used grooming techniques – humans included. Grooming is performed differently by different species – chimpanzees remove plants and insects from each other, whereas humans shower, style hair and poke each other on Facebook.

When we want to relax we normally take a bath or get a manicure, but now there’s a new relaxation experience that you’ll go ape for! This spa session will allow you to become up close and personal with our primate friends.

Your grooming experience will begin with an overall assessment of your needs by a chimpanzee. What they choose to remove from your body will depend on your overall level of cleanliness going into the enclosure. This could include, but is not limited to, head lice, dead skin and dirt.

Your session will include a variety of massaging and scratching techniques. In the animal kingdom, primates communicate through vocalisation, so if you are enjoying your session we recommend that you let the chimpanzee know in a language it understands. Smack your lips together and clack your teeth if the pressure is sufficient. If you would prefer a harder massage, simply bang your chest with your palms.

What's Included?

  • Up to 1 hour of picking, massaging and scratching from your primate partner
  • Behind the scenes VIP access to the chimpanzee enclosure
  • As many bananas as you can eat in an hour

Duration:  15 minute briefing - 1 hour grooming session

Need to know:

  • Reciprocation is appreciated (and often expected).  Please note your role may change during the session from the groomee to the groomer.
  • Primates have been known to fall asleep while receiving grooming, so we ask that if your chimpanzee does doze off, you leave the enclosure quickly and silently. They are known to become aggressive if awoken from a nap (not unlike humans).