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Mission Impossible Team Building Activity

Your team will feel like they are on a movie set, dressed all in black with the Mission Impossible theme music playing in the background. Whether your team is defusing the bomb, navigating the pressure sensitive floor or emerging through the smoke in the laser field, the Mission Impossible Team Building Activity will capture the true essence of teamwork.
Where: Toronto, Ontario
Where: Elora, Ontario
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The most exciting team building activity ever!

For your next team building exercise choose this unique program based on the Mission Impossible films.  Teams will navigate a warehouse divided into sectors in the dark with only headlamps, a blueprint of the building and a flashlight.

Catered to the urban professional, this could be the most exciting team building event ever!

Duration: 4 hours

Mission parameters (should you choose to accept):

  • Laser fieldpass through a room full of criss-crossed lasers.
  • Target practice – score points at paper targets using a soft air pistol.
  • Trip Wires – navigate amidst areas alarmed with nearly invisible trip wires.
  • Pressure sensitive floor – you must complete a task on the opposite side of a room with a pressure sensitive alarmed floor.
  • Deciphering messages – team members must work together to decipher a message.
  • Bomb deactivation – using a bomb deactivation kit, teams must disarm replica bombs.
  • Vault hacking – steady hands, keen hearing and memorization skills will be needed to hack into a time sensitive computerized vault.
  • Navigation – using flashlights and a blueprint, teams will navigate in the dark from sector to sector.
  • Code breaking – to complete your mission, teams will need to break a code to open a locked steel box.
  • Rappel or raised objective – depending on the location, teams may rappel off a building or catwalk or be suspended in a face-first raise.
  • Cable ladder objective – depending on the location, participants can climb to the ceiling on a cable ladder to complete a task.
  • Mini-zipline – depending on the location, team members can pull themselves along a low zipline to get across an alarmed floor.

Need to know: 

  • All the technical equipment such as helmets, harnesses and other required gear is provided.

  • This is an indoor program and runs regardless of outdoor weather conditions.

  • Black or dark clothing is required to maintain the Mission Impossible theme.

  • Please bring snack and water.

  • All participants are required to sign waivers.


Mission Impossible Team Building Activities take place at  locations in Toronto and Elora.

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