Learn to Fly – Barrie to Wasaga Beach – Collingwood or Muskoka 60-minute route

Where: Barrie, Ontario
Price for: 1 Participant
Take to the skies and experience the sensations and thrill of flying as you learn to fly from Barrie to your choice of Wasaga Beach-Collingwood, Eugenia Lake or Muskoka routes. This 60 minute flying lesson will give you a whole new perspective on some breathtaking landscapes. Take control of an advanced ultra-light aircraft with your instructor by your side and see how it feels.

Wasaga Beach-Collingwood, Eugenia Lake or Muskoka from a whole new perspective!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to learn to fly an aircraft or do you know someone who's dream it? If so, then this is the perfect gift idea for their birthday or anniversary!

Your introductory lesson take place at 2,500 to 3,500 feet and at speeds averaging 100 miles per hour. See the panorama of the countryside from a bird's point of view in this amazing flying experience.

You have the choice to fly from either the Barrie Airport or the Edenvale Aerodrome.

Your flying lesson includes pre-flight briefing where you will be introduced to the aircraft and discuss the lesson flight plan and pre-take-off checks. You'll be flying in a TECNAM BRAVO Advanced Ultralight, which is ideally suited for flying lessons ( a two-seater aircraft  -  instructor and participant). Your instructor will then taxi the aircraft into position, and once you have the all-clear from the tower, will start the run-up and away you go!

Once airborne, the fun part of the flying lesson really begins. After a demonstration of how to manoeuvre the aircraft it's over to you to take control. You'll be in control for most of the flying lesson, practicing gaining and losing altitude, turns, banks and staying on a straight course (easier said than done!). You can stay in control of the aircraft for the whole time if you wish, or of course have the instructor take over for a few minutes while you take some photos to remind you of your flying lesson.

Once your time in the air is over the instructor will once again take over for landing, and once safely back on the ground you'll carry out post flight checks and have the opportunity to learn how to taxi as you steer the aircraft back to its' berth.

As a final bonus, should you get the flying bug and decide to go on and take your license, this flying lesson actually counts towards your flying time so you'll already be on your way!

PLUS, bring along an SD card and we’ll record the entire flight!

Flight time:  60 minutes

Available year-round

What's Included:

  • Pre-flight and post flight briefing
  • Plane check-out and safety check

Need to know: 

  • Your flight will depart from and return to the same airport. 
  • Minimum Age:  14 years
  • Maximum Weight:  250 lbs
  • Flying lesson is weather dependant.  It is vital you telephone the flight centre before leaving home.
  • Participants under 18 years of age will require the signature of a parent or guardian.
  • Participants will be required to sign a liability release and waiver form.
  • Spectators are welcome to watch you take off and land.


Your Wasaga Beach-Collingwood, Eugenia Lake Or Muskoka Flying Lesson takes place in Barrie, Ontario at either the Barrie Aiport VIEW MAP or Edenvale Aerodrome VIEW MAP


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