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Jasper Planetarium and Telescope Experience

Explore the world's largest astronomy park with experts from The Jasper Planetarium in a world-exclusive dome theatre experience. Look through the largest telescope in the Rockies with knowledgeable astronomy experts. You’ll be immersed in the sky culture of the Jasper Rockies and enjoy special touches such as astrophotography tips, a roaring outdoor fire, and complimentary refreshments.
Where: Jasper, Alberta
Price for: 1 Participant
Picture of Jasper Planetarium and Telescope Experience - SPRING / SUMMER / FALL
Jasper Planetarium and Telescope Experience - SPRING / SUMMER / FALL
April - October at Marmot Lodge
Picture of Jasper Planetarium and Telescope Experience - WINTER
Jasper Planetarium and Telescope Experience - WINTER
January - March at Fairmont Jasper Lodge
 The ultimate Jasper Dark Sky experience!

In 2011, Jasper was designated the world’s largest Dark Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomy Society of Canada, (11,000-square-kilometre of stargazing), for its low light pollution that creates ideal conditions for astronomical viewing. In addition to being the world’s largest most accessible dark sky preserve, Jasper is also one of the smallest towns in North America with its very own planetarium.  

First, you’ll join astronomy experts in the air-supported dome theatre for a live virtual tour of the Jasper dark sky preserve. Inside the planetarium, your guide will share local indigenous constellations, views of the Northern Lights from Jasper, and take you into space orbiting above the Rockies and to the edge of the universe…all in about 40 minutes.

Then, it’s outside the dome for an all-weather telescope experience where you’ll enjoy a guided tour of the largest, most powerful telescope in the Rockies, learn how telescopes work (and how to pick the right one for you to explore the sky), have a workshop on how to photograph the sky with your DSLR camera, have a look at the latest archived imagery from the telescopes in Jasper. If Mother Nature is kind enough to grace you with clear skies, you can experience live views through the telescopes from outdoors, next to the planetarium.

What's included:

  • Planetarium dome experience.
  • Astrophotography tips on how to capture the Milky Way and auroras with your camera.
  • Indigenous music and storytelling (on select dates only).
  • Relax under the stars on our dark sky viewing plateau.
  • A tour of the largest telescope in the Rockies on the dark sky viewing plateau.
  • Instant-replay of recent 4K Jasper sky imagery from the video telescope.
  • S’mores and hot chocolate.
  • Weather-permitting live views through the telescopes on the dark sky viewing plateau.

Duration:  60 - 90 minutes


  • Winter experience:                     January – March     Fairmont Jasper Lodge
  • Spring / Summer / Fall Winter:  April – October        Marmot Lodge

Need to know:

  • While the sky does not need to be completely clear to use our telescopes, clear skies cannot be guaranteed.If skies are too cloudy you will be offered a “rain check” to re-book for another date.
  • A Planetarium is a domed theatre that simulates the night sky by use of a projection system.   In contrast, an Observatory is a building that houses one-or-more telescopes, for live viewing, under a retractable domed roof.
  • This experience operates rain or shine / clear sky or cloud covered

Whether you are looking for family fun things to do in Jasper or for a unique gift, the Jasper Planetarium and Telescope Experience is the ticket!

This dark sky stargazing experience takes place in Jasper, Alberta.

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