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Fighter Jet Flight, Ottawa

Strap in and feel the power of a L-29 fighter jet as you soar over Ottawa and the Parliament Buildings. Dart about the sky and witness firsthand the skills required to control a Cold War era fighter jet! Suited up in your flight suit, you can try your hand at flying if you feel you have the right stuff!
Where: Ottawa, Ontario
Picture of Fighter Jet Flight - Ottawa
Fighter Jet Flight - Ottawa
Price shown is for 1 person.
Picture of Fighter Jet Flight with video - Ottawa
Fighter Jet Flight with video - Ottawa
Price shown is for 1 person. Includes video of you while in the cockpit.
Picture of Jet Formation Flight - Ottawa
Jet Formation Flight - Ottawa
PRICE SHOWN IS FOR 2 PEOPLE, IN 2 JETS. Includes video of both of you while in the cockpits.

See all of your Top Gun dreams come true! 

Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush as you carve the air in a lightning fast L-29 vintage Communist Jet Warbird for the ultimate aerial adventure.

Each flight is tailored specifically for you. If you feel the need for speed, hang on. If you wish to have a nice, quiet flight, that is certainly fine as well. You will be in communication with your pilot at all times.

Your L-29 Fighter Jet Flight experience starts with a pre-flight briefing, under the guidance of seasoned instructors who'll prepare you for the exciting experience ahead. This will take roughly 30-45 minutes. You'll learn about pre-flighting the jet, a look at the balance and weight, calculating the flight profile, and finally, a briefing on safety systems.

The flight begins with the extraordinarily cool sound of the jet engine starting, a quick taxi out and then lift off - your flight is underway! Imagine the thrill as your heart skips a beat as you race down the runway and lift off into the wild blue yonder. Depending on your selected flight profile, you will be flying at speeds of up to 520km/hr and altitudes of up to 10,000ft. Your flight experience will last 30 minutes from engine start to engine shutdown.

During your flight you will be able to perform turns, straight and level flight. You’ll feel the “g”, that is induced during high speed maneuvers. If you choose, you can even do some aerobatics. Your flight is tailored to you, and how you feel.

After your flight, you can take as many pictures as you’d like. You will be given a quick debrief with your pilot about the flight and be awarded your flight certificate.

Formation Flight Experience - Fly in formation together!

Now is the time for formation, a 30 Minute flight, together with another jet, flying formation, formation Aerobatics, and finally... "extended trail" The greatest thrill, mimic a dogfight. Who will win? Who will lose?

Imagine being approximately 3 feet away from another jet doing Snowbird stuff? A formation flight, is the most exciting and fun of all. Let the pilot lead you in the ultimate bucket list challenge. Wingtips are 3 feet away, then you transition to an intrail manuever about 200 feet behind the other. Snoopy and the Red Baron a jet fighter!

Flight highlights:

  •  Breathtaking 20-minute flight.
  • Take the controls of a real L29 Delfin fighter jet.
  • Carry out basic aerobatic manoeuvers.
  • Included is a limited-edition Flight Patch, and a "Flying Challenge Coin”.

 DurationThe total flight experience is 30 minutes with a guaranteed 20 minutes in the air.

Available year-round

Need to know:

  • The maximum height limit is 6' 3" and the passenger weight limit is 250 lbs. This limitation is not negotiable due to the limiting size of the parachutes, seat straps and cockpit dimensions.
  • No pilot license required.
  • If you have a history, recent or current medical conditions like heart complications a doctor’s note is required in order to clear you for the flight. This would have to be provided before the flight took place.
  • Passenger must attend and pass a ground briefing on the L29 Delfin that includes emergency egress training and verbal testing. If you have not had this briefing you will not be able to fly.
  • Passenger will be required to sign a flight waiver in order to release the aircraft for flight.
  • Pilots have the right to refuse any flight due to safety concerns.
  • Enclosed shoes are required. High heels are not permitted.
  • It is recommended that you arrive 30 to 45 minutes before your scheduled flight time.
  • It is recommended that you wear conservative comfortable clothes that are appropriate for the weather conditions on the day. You will be offered a flight suit to wear during your flight experience.
  • The experience provider can refuse a flight participant for what they deem to be safety reasons. In this situation, a flight may be re-scheduled. Re-scheduled flights can only take place in Ottawa.

 Your Fighter Jet Flight takes place in Ottawa, Ontario VIEW MAP

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