F-16 Jet Flight Simulator Experience, Montreal

THIS EXPERIENCE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This fighter pilot simulator experience is as close as you'll get to flying the real F-16. Climb aboard and settle into the ejection seat and you’ll be amazed. The instrumentation, full immersion audio, throttle & joy stick combines to create this amazing F-16 Jet Flight Simulator Experience.
Where: Montreal, Quebec
Price for: 1 Participant
Picture of F-16 Jet Flight Simulator Experience - 30 MINUTES
F-16 Jet Flight Simulator Experience - 30 MINUTES
Picture of F-16 Jet Flight Simulator Experience - 60 MINUTES
F-16 Jet Flight Simulator Experience - 60 MINUTES

This experience is no longer available. If you have a certificate for this experience, please contact Breakaway Experiences - see Contact Us page.

 Get ready to take control of a high-speed jet fighter and rock the sky!

The jet fighter flight simulators are replicas of the famous F-16 Fighting Falcon and are enabled to perform the vast majority of manoeuvres this combat jet is famous for.  Their advanced projection system is able to replicate daytime, nighttime, dusk and dawn, as well as most special weather phenomenon and conditions.

Once in your flight suit, your experience begins with a 20 minute (approx.) pre-flight briefing by the Flight Instructor who will assist you throughout your experience. After you are briefed on your mission and have learned to operate and understand the instrumentation and controls, you will take to the virtual skies. 

The jet fighters flight simulators offer 180 degrees screens for an enhanced immersive experience!

  • CP keyboard
  • DED replica
  • MFD physics
  • HUD
  • COUGAR Hotas
  • Combat rudder pedals
  • Ejection seat replica

Need to know:

  • No experience is needed.  The experience is for all, pilots and non-pilots alike.
  • Minimum age:  13 yrs of age.
  • Hours of operation:  Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 6pm
  • Pre-flight briefing, approximately 20 minutes, is in addition to the flight times of 30 or 60 minutes.

The fight will be on as you try everything to prevent your opponent from getting behind you! You will land and debrief your thrilling flight simulator experience, making it an amazing gift for all!

This F-16 jet flight simulator experience takes place in Laval, Quebec   VIEW MAP

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