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Belly Dance - Private Lesson for 2

Learn to move your body in ways you never thought possible. This private belly dancing lesson for two with Ottawa - Gatineau offers you a fun taste of what belly dancing is all about.
Where: Ottawa, Ontario
Price for: 2 Participants
Picture of Belly Dance Private Lesson for 2 – In Home lesson
Belly Dance Private Lesson for 2 – In Home lesson
Picture of Belly Dance Private Lesson for 2 – In Studio
Belly Dance Private Lesson for 2 – In Studio

Find the genuine dancer within and discover your own natural body movements.

Spend some time getting individual belly dance instruction. Challenge your hips, thighs and tums throughout a fun class held either in your home or in a dance studio.

Throughout the lesson you’ll experience a whole new way of dancing and getting in tune with your body. You will not only be moved by the dance but by the music as well. The dance lesson will have you moving your body like a pro with the right introduction to the dances' hip, torso, hand, arm, shimmies and traveling movements.

You’ll have a one hour lesson with a professional belly dancing instructor where you can learn how to shake and shimmy your way through a really enjoyable lesson. You’ll gain a great appreciation of this ancient art and will also become more relaxed as your muscles loosen up to the authentic Arabian beats.

The most wonderful aspect of this ancient dance is that it is not limited to people of a certain age, size or ability. That is why so many woman use it as a vehicle for nurturing a sense of personal empowerment, healing and self-acceptance.

All the Duniya Studio teachers have many years of experience in dance and training from renowned master dance instructors. Based on a foundation of high-quality dance technique, they provide culturally-appropriate instruction for beginners to advanced students of Arabic dance. Most importantly, lessons are always fun, fun, fun!

Duration: 1 hour

This Private Belly Dancing Lesson experience takes place in Otttawa - Gatineau in your home or at one of two studios:

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