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Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage

Relax and unwind with an aromatherapy massage designed to melt away stress and soothe soreness. Massage all your cares away as the qualified Novo Spa masseuse uses essential oils to relax and energize your mind and body.
Where: Toronto, Ontario
Price for: 1 Participant
Picture of Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage - 60 minutes
Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage - 60 minutes

An urban retreat of relaxation and calm.

Indulge yourself in a total experience of stress relief using aromatherapy plant oils. An aromatherapy massage is the perfect antidote to a frantic schedule and hectic life. The properties in essential oils penetrate the body to restore health and well-being throughout. The oil is absorbed by the skin and transported through the body’s blood and lymphatic system to organs, glands, soft tissues and nerves. Common ailments that can with aromatherapy be treated are anxiety, stress, headaches, fluid retention, trouble sleeping, pains and muscle aches, circulation and fatigue.

Begin your relaxing journey with a visit to the Aroma Colour Therapy Sauna (ladies and men’s). A combination of sauna, steam and colour therapy, it will soothe, relax and melt your tension away. This ritual will prepare you to fully embrace the benefits of your treatment.

Both before and after your treatment you get to enjoy the tranquil benefits of Novo Spa’s relaxation lounges (ladies and men’s). After treatment, you can take time to relax and regenerate as you soak in the peace and tranquility of the spa environment.

While unwinding in Novo Spa’s luxurious tea lounge and getting lost to gentle music, you can savour the flavours and benefits of their complimentary tea blends. Coming from ancient Asia, Paraguay and South Africa, these carefully formulated teas will be prescribed based upon your feelings and needs of the day.

This Yorkville spa experience is a great gift idea.  You will melt into the hands of professional therapists as they provide a range of spa services and therapeutic techniques performed with a superior level of quality, consistency and hygiene.

It’s as simple as Click-Give-Wow to buy and send them a spa gift certificate to one of the best spas in Toronto.

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