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Amazing Elora Race Team Building Activity

Where: Elora, Ontario
Inspired by the popular television series, the Amazing Elora Race Team Building Activity is for those teams who excel under pressure and thrive on making quick decisions. Teams will compete in an Amazing Race style event and navigate through urban and wilderness challenges.

Get ready to race!

Participate in a team building activity based on the popular Amazing Race television series.  This is an amazing team building activity that will test everyone’s fun and adventure.  This program is great for those teams who excel under pressure and know how to make quick decisions.

Teams of four to six people will race through the town of Elora in an amazing race style event and through wilderness and urban challenges.  Not all team members need to complete all the challenges so teams with mixed strengths can really have an edge.

The day starts with a brief introduction to the instructors and leaders who will be teaching the necessary skills for some of the activities and ensuring everyone is confident and comfortable with the upcoming activities.   Next, everyone is broken into competing teams.  Hidden clues must be found and solved before moving on.  Detours, roadblocks and extreme challenges are all part of the race.

What's Included:

  • 200 foot zipline spanning Elora Gorge.

  • Rappel Challenge down a 60 foot high cliff.

  • Clues scattered across Elora.

  • Roadblocks that only some of the team members need to complete.

  • Detours where teams have the choice between two or more alternatives.

  • Navigation – teams will need to navigate through the wilderness and urban area to find clues to lead them to their final pit stop.

  • Food Challenge – this is one of the roadblocks.  

Duration:  2 to 4 hours

Minimum number of participants required:  8

Maximum number of participants: 100

Need to know:  

  • Wear weather appropriate equipment.  We recommend quick dry clothing (polyester or nylon) and a rain jacket.   Hiking shoes or running shoes are suitable for the rappel.

  • You will be provided with all the necessary equipment including helmets, harnesses and other required gear.  

  • The program will run regardless of weather conditions. The program will only be cancelled if weather conditions are dangerous.

  • Bring sunglasses, water, insect repellent and sunscreen and a lunch in a small backpack.

  • All participants are required to sign waivers.

The Amazing Elora Race Team Building experience takes place in Victoria Park in Elora, Ontario.  VIEW MAP

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