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Edmonton – Jasper Road Trip Food Finder Experience

Turn your road trip between Edmonton and Jasper into a fun, tasty, and interactive experience. Hit the road with this self-guided Yellowhead Road food tour.
Where:Edmonton, Alberta, Jasper, Alberta
Have fun getting there! Create your own food tour experience using insider knowledge.

If you’ve ever wondered what hidden gems lay in the small towns along the Yellowhead Highway, this unique food tour is for you. This self-guided food tour does double duty – use it before you leave to plan the best food, shopping, history, and nature stops. Then, once you hit the road, have fun at every stop solving a clue, a challenge, or trivia question.

The Edmonton – Jasper Road Trip Food Finder Experience is a GPS-enabled self-guided interactive food tour that Alberta’s leading food experts have carefully curated for you to access on your mobile device. You’ll learn more about the area, have fun and enjoy some hilarious road trip games along the way.

When: 7 days a week. May to October.

On and around the Yellowhead Highway (#16) from Spruce Grove to the Jasper Park Gate. The tour can be used driving east or west bound.

How it works:

  • Once you’ve registered your Yellowhead Road Trip Self Guided Food Tour with the tour provider, you’ll receive an email with instructions and access code to the free app called “Loquiz”. This is done after you’ve activated your experience on Breakaway Experiences’ website.
  • Once you've opened the app, a map of the highway appears with icons for food, history, art, culture, shopping, and nature stops.
  • This no limit to your group size.
  • Road trips from 9 am to 5 pm will find the most businesses open.
  • This is not a timed experience. This self-guided tour can be used on multiple road trips.
  • Come away amazed and proud about all Alberta has to offer!

If you're looking fun things to do on the drive between Edmonton and Jasper and to discover tasty places then this unique Alberta foodie experience is for you!

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