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Drumheller Clue Solving Adventure

Get ready for a dinosaur-filled clue-solving experience in Drumheller, Alberta. Solve a series of puzzles and clues on a fun, interactive adventure.
Where:Drumheller, Alberta
Price for:Up to 5 participants
Race around Drumheller to unravel a dinosaur-sized mystery!

The Drumheller Clue Solving Adventure combines the excitement of a scavenger hunt, the challenge of an escape room, and the thrill of an adventure race.

This interactive app-led scavenger hunt style game leads you to discover hidden gems and popular sights, all as you work together to solve a series of fun clues. With your smartphone as your guide, each clue will lead you on an easy walk from one location to the next.

Whether you choose to complete as quick as possible or stroll along at a relaxed pace as you explore Drumheller is entirely up to you.

This scavenger hunt style adventure is great to do with families, friends, and groups.

Your Drumheller Clue Solving adventure:

A diary has been discovered that describes the heist of a money train from the Canadian Pacific Railway. This was the funding to pay for a new development in Drumheller. A group of men known as the ‘Devious Dinos of Drumheller’ committed the robbery, and it appears that one of them kept half the money for themselves.

The RCMP have asked YOU, a renowned team of clue solvers, to review the evidence and track down the names and alibis of the dozen people involved in the robbery. Do YOU have what it takes to complete the task by determining which of the Devious Dinos was responsible for stealing the money?

• Start location:  Downtown Drumheller  VIEW MAP

•  Start time: Start any day any time but we recommend playing in daylight.

•  Walking distance: Approximately 3km.

•  Average time to complete:   Approximately 90-minutes to 2-hours.

•  Challenge level: Moderate / Challenging. A good test of your brainpower.

•  Age range:  Family friendly

•  What you need:  At least one fully charged cellphone per team (we advise 2+). Dress for the weather and wear footwear suitable for walking around town.

How it works:

  • Activate your experience in your Breakaway Experiences’ My Account.
  • Open your activated experience certificate and follow instructions.
  • Once you’ve registered your adventure and picked your start date with the game provider, you’ll receive an email with the instructions and the access code.
  • Download the free APP onto your smartphone and use the access code to activate your adventure on the APP.
  • You’ll receive a series of clues on the APP. Each clue will guide you to the next location where you'll solve a puzzle or solve a clue.
  • Along the way, you'll uncover hidden places, visit local icons, and discover cool places in Drumheller.
  • Clues are sequential and written with the assumption you have no knowledge of the town.
  • Submit the correct answer and you will immediately receive the next clue. Not to worry, hints and directions will be available … but they will cost you a time penalty!
  • Solve all the clues and you solve the mystery!
  • The game is most fun when working with other people to find and solve clues. The suggested team size is between 2 to 5 players.

Need to know:

  • You are not required to purchase anything along the route.
  • You are only required to use the phone for the App. Data plans are only used to activate the adventure and are not used during play.
  • Additional phones may be added at no extra cost.
  • Please ensure that your phone is charged before you begin. Bringing a phone charger is a good idea if your battery is low or weak.

If you're looking for something fun to do in Drumheller and you think you have what it takes to solve a mystery, or you're looking for a fun experience gift for someone who like to solve puzzles, then this Drumheller Clue Solving Adventure is it!

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