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Distillery Historic District Prohibition and Whisky Tour

Where: Toronto, Ontario
Age restriction: Minimum age for participation - 19 years
Price for: 1 Participant
The Prohibition and Whisky Tour explores the history of Toronto’s legendary Distillery District and the founding distilleries of the historic neighbourhood, focusing on the 11 years of prohibition in the city.

For 11 years Ontario was completely dry of alcohol. How did distilling giants Gooderham and Worts, Hiram Walker and Corby's sell so much whisky to Canadian and Americans during this time? Your charming and knowledgeable Prohibition and Whisky tour guide will answer this question while talking rumrunners, gun-toting preachers and boozy veterinarians in what was truly the last wild-west era of North America.

  • Revel in the story of the how world's largest distillery, Gooderham and Worts, rose to power directly along side the rise of temperance leagues in the 1800's and early 1900's.
  • Walk through the Distillery that supplied two countries during their respective prohibitions.
  • Learn about shifty gangsters, fantastic gun battles, and the rise of infamous booze magnate Harry Hatch as they all intertwine to create a story that almost seems to be too crazy to be true.

Your Prohibition and Whisky Tour includes whisky tasting featuring Gooderham and Warts, Pike Creek and Lot 40 whiskies at the Mill St. Beer Hall.

By the end of this intriguing tour you'll have an understanding of how prohibition began, who ran the black market and how Toronto's Gooderham and Worts assisted legitimate businessman Harry Hatch in becoming one of Canada's most influential men.

Duration:  1 hour 15 minutes

When: Tours available year-round

 Need to know:

  • Price includes tutored beer and whisky tastings
  • 2 participant minimum per tour
  • Participants must be 19 or older with valid ID to join the tasting


The Prohibition and Whisky walking tour takes place in Toronto, Ontario. VIEW MAP

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