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Dark Table Vancouver

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia
Price for: 2 Participants
Treat your senses to a unique culinary journey at Dark Table Restaurant in Vancouver. Dining in total darkness is an experience that energizes your senses. Be ready to completely re-evaluate your perception of smell and taste.
Are you prepared to have a dinner in complete darkness? 

An evening at Vancouver’s Dark Table restaurant will take you on a culinary adventure through uncharted territory where food and friends become a wonder to be discovered and explored. Without the sense of sight, your senses of taste, touch, smell and hearing are intensified, allowing a new perception of reality. An unforgettable sensory and social experience!

This experience is for 2 people.

Upon arrival at Dark Table, you’ll choose your dinner from a first-class menu rivaling some of Vancouver’s best restaurants. When you’re ready, you’ll be led to your table in the dark dining room by a visually impaired or blind server who has been trained to ensure your comfort at all times.

You’ll adjust to the darkness and begin an extraordinary experience. No light producing technologies are allowed in the dining room, including cellphones, flashlights, or luminous watches…truly dining in the dark. 

With an unemployment rate of 70%, the blind face obvious challenges in a society that is preoccupied with visual communication.  In a dark dining environment, the tables are turned—the non-sighted servers guide the sighted.  While Dark Table is proud to offer employment to visually impaired and blind people, they admit that it is truly the blind offering this unique, eye-opening experience to the sighted.

What's included: 
three-course dinner in the dark for two.

Duration: 1.5 hours approximately

When: Available year-round Evenings 7 days a week

Dark Table menu*:

STARTER - Surprise of the day

Your choice of one of the following each: 

  • AAA Canadian steak with dark table salsa verde or blue cheese (+ $3 at restaurant).
  • Local chicken kafta with green tahini & crispy aubergine.
  • Fish of the day Mediterranean style with walnuts, aleppo pepper & grilled lemon.
  • Mushroom & herb risotto with parmigiano (vegetarian - can be made vegan).
  • 6-hour braised lamb ragu rigatoni with tomato & basil sauce.
  • Ratatouille Provencal with warm bread & greens (vegan).
  • Daily Surprise (The surprise option can be requested to be vegetarian or vegan in advance of the day).

DESSERT  - Surprise of the day

*Menu items may be subject to change.

Gratuities not included

If you are looking for a unique experience gift idea or fun places to eat in Vancouver, the Dark Table Vancouver dining experience is the way to go. For date nights, birthdays, Christmas, weddings or any gifting occasion, Dark Table Vancouver will truly surprise and impress them.  

The Dark Table dining in the dark experience takes place in Vancouver , BC VIEW MAP


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