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COVID – 19 Safety Procedures - Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler Helicopter Tours

We are excited to get you soaring over Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler. This summer, private tours are available for you to experience spectacular views in an exciting way.

Our helicopter tour experience partner takes the COVID-19 situation very seriously and has implemented several protective procedures for the protection of you and the flight crew.

These protective measures include:

  • Protective physical distancing barriers have been installed in all active aircraft between the cockpit and passenger compartments.
  • Passengers are  required to pass personal health check.
  • Mandatory N95 masks are to be worn by all occupants of aircraft. Provide your own facemask when possible.
  • Guests must wear their face mask at all times during the flight when they are less than 2m from another person, unless instructed by a crew member to remove the mask.
  • Aircraft selection is based on limited passenger numbers and job requirements
  • Day to day protective protocols in place at all bases and remote staging areas.
  • Aircraft are being cleaned in between flights with appropriate cleaning solutions with a focus on high touch areas such as doors, handles, seatbelts, and headsets.  Cleaning kits have been created to be carried on board that include cleaner & hand sanitizer.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of all public surfaces in the offices and facilities.
  • Client headsets have microphone muffs removed to aid in ensuring headsets are clean.
  • Guests should make an effort to drive themselves to the heliport, whenever possible to avoid shuttle use.