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Body Painting plus Boudoir Photo Experience

Where:Calgary, Alberta
For a truly unique, sensual, artistic experience enjoy both the elegance and beauty of a boudoir photo session and an artistic body painting experience. The shoot is designed to bring out your confidence and empower you and makes a fabulous gift for yourself or your partner.

Capture your ultimate experience in vivid photography.

Boudoir photography and body painting combine the sensuality and femininity of a woman with the fun of artistic body painting, providing a fulfilling experience of self-expression. The main objective of body painting and boudoir photography is to celebrate and release the sensuality in you.

Body painting encompasses the best aspects of art; using the body as the canvas and providing a perfect opportunity to discover and feel your sensuality.

Regardless of age or body type, this body painting and boudoir photo session is an incredible opportunity for you to commission your own personal and unique boudoir, glamour or body paint portrait. While the sessions are designed to create a personal, romantic gift for your significant other to cherish for a lifetime, they are truly designed for you. The whole experience is fun, empowering and confidence building. Although the end result is for him, you’ll find it is just as much for you!

The nice thing about the body painting and boudoir experience is that everything is held confidential. If pictures are taken, no other person sees the images aside from the photographer, the body painter and the client.

What’s Included:

  • This package includes a planning session and two photography sessions on the same day. Morning session is a Boudoir/Nude session of 2 hours. Includes the taking 70 images for selection in 2 settings, one custom set and one fabric set.
  • The second session starts with 2 hours of body painting (additional time is available) followed a 1.5 hours photography session in one setting. 70 images are taken for selection.
  • Included is one 11x14 fully enhanced image mounted for framing from either session,hair and makeup for the first session, access to props and outfits, posing guidance and image previewing.

Need to know:

  • The 11x14 cannot be switched out or credited towards another sized image.

This Body Painting plus Boudoir Photo Experience is the perfect way to capture a moment in time and makes a truly unique gift.

This experience takes place in Calgary, Alberta.

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