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Blacksmith Class - Forge Your Tanto Style Knife

Where:Hammond, Ontario
Price for:1 Participant
Discover the art of forging metal blades to make your own tanto style knife. This 4-hour knife making course is designed for beginners that have no or little experience in blacksmithing or metalwork.

There are few things more satisfying than thrusting a lump of steel in to the flames and making the sparks fly under your hammer. This unique Breakaway Experiences blacksmithing class is your opportunity to get your adrenaline pumping and create your own tanto style knife from scratch.

The full tanto blade is hand forged and finished. You'll use traditional methods of forging and heat treating before you hit the grinders! You’ll complete your knife with hammered finished hard wood scales and brass pins. This piece is great fun to build and a true collector’s piece.

A tanto, "short sword", is a traditionally made Japanese sword, worn by the samurai class of feudal Japan. It was mainly used as a weapon but has evolved in design over the years to become more ornate. The modern tanto blade is an Americanized version that became popular in the 1980s on tactical knives.

When:Tuesdays 5pm - 9pm (subject to availability) Available year-round.

What’s included:

  • Learn the ancient and noble skill of blacksmithing.
  • Create a tanto style knife from start to finish.
  • 4-hour session in a relaxed and fun environment.


Need to know:

  • Maximum number of participants per class is 4.
  • The minimum age to participate is 13 years. Children under 18 years must be accompanied by an parent or guardian.

Whether you are looking to begin a new hobby, for a unique gift, or simply looking to try it, this creative blacksmithing lesson is the ticket!

This Blacksmith Class takes place in Hammond, Ontario, just east of Ottawa.  VIEW MAP

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