Ghostly Adventure Drive: Niagara Falls

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A Ghost Outing Adventure Drive – Niagara Falls

Buckle up for a spooky scavenger hunt style fun in Niagara Falls with friends and family. Ghostly Adventure Drive is an interactive driving adventures that combines a scavenger hunt, geocaching, escape room, and amazing race in one great game as you try to capture the ghost of a Canadian traitor.
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 Ghost Outing Adventure Drive – Niagara Falls - For 2 participants
A Ghost Outing Adventure Drive – Niagara Falls - For 2 participants
Price shown is per car with 2 participants in one car.
Get ready for a driving adventure around Niagara Falls with friends and family!

This Niagara Falls Adventure Drive is the perfect opportunity to get out and have fun while staying safe in your own car.

Your mission: With your Spectre Collector capture the ghost of Canada’s greatest traitor, Joseph Willcocks. You’ll visit a haunted cemetery, Lundy’s Lane Battle Graveyard, and a screaming tunnel on your ghost hunting quest.

Using the world class Goosechase app with the associated adventure website you’ll engage in photo and video challenges and solve the mystery if you can!


  • An interactive scavenger hunt style game with a true story played from the comfort of your vehicle.
  • Ghost busting tools, apps, videos, maps, audio story and more included.
  • Two hours of socially distanced fun with friends or family!

How it works:

  • You’ll start at a pre-determined starting point and then take a beautiful country drive.
  • Your adventure hosts will get you started and finished.
  • You’ll receive a series of directives on the free Goosechase APP. Each will lead you to the next spooky location.
  • There will be fun, sometimes scary photo or video challenges at each stop.
  • While travelling, listen to a ghost audio story.
  • Using the App, you’ll submit your answers and pictures and track of your progress.
  • Bonus points awards are awarded based on your creativity. The team with the most points wins the challenge!.
  • Your Adventure Drive certificate may be applied to any Breakaway Experiences' Adventure Drive.

All ages can enjoy this scavenger hunt style adventure.

Duration: 2 hours approximately




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