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Rainforest Guided Hiking Tour

Rainforest Tours offers guided adventures into the spectacular beauty of Vancouver Island’s temperate rainforests. From lush rainforest canopies and hidden waterfalls, to colourful and rich tidal pools teaming with diverse sea life, the parks you explore will be sure to take your breath away.
Where: Victoria, British Columbia
Picture of Rainforest Guided Hiking Tour - Half Day
Rainforest Guided Hiking Tour - Half Day
Picture of Rainforest Guided Hiking Tour - Full Day
Rainforest Guided Hiking Tour - Full Day
Experience Provider Information - How to Book & How to Get There: Rainforest Guided Hiking Tours

From lush rainforest canopies and hidden waterfalls, to colourful and rich tidal pools teaming with diverse sea life

Rainforest Tours experienced guides are highly skilled and eager to share their love and knowledge of the natural surroundings. Their small intimate tours are ideal for families with children. With one guide to every 6 guests, you are sure to have the ultimate WEST COAST EXPERIENCE.  Your day will end with your senses truly indulged and your thirst to experience Vancouver Island's rainforests fully satisfied.

Rainforest Tours offers trip options from two coastal parks: East Sooke Park, located about 45 minutes from Victoria, and the famous Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, located along the Juan de Fuca Straight approximately 1.5 hours from Victoria.

Each is diverse in features ranging from lush rainforests, spectacular ocean views, and tidal pool creatures that only these beaches can provide. Whether seeking a full day experience or a half day of exploration, Rain Forest Tours will match the perfect tour to you.

East Sooke Park
East Sooke Park includes over 3459 acres of natural and protected landscape and 50 km (31 miles) of trails.  Rainforest Tours offers a number of different sized loops starting from both Aylard Farm and Copper Mine trail. They offer trips that suit all adventures from small to large. For anyone wanting a challenge there is also the option of exploring the full 10 km (6.2 miles) of winding coastal trail that stretches between Aylard Farm and Copper Mine trail.

Juan De Fuca Marine Trail
Encompassing over 47 km (21 miles) of trails winding through rainforest and along the wild Pacific coastlines, this park is guaranteed to provide a sense of solitude and peace with true West Coast nature.

No matter the trail you choose, you will experience a perfect combination of fine sand beaches, unique rocky beaches and endless winding rainforest trails. Be sure to take a moment to enjoy jaw-dropping coastal views and rich diverse tidal pools with the occasional hidden coves.  Whether seeking a relaxing and serene day, a challenging excursion, or anything in between, Rainforest Tours offers guided day hikes for everyone.

What’s included: 

  • Transportation to and from accommodations
  • A gourmet lunch
  • A backpack to carry your lunch
  • Guided interpretation
  • A poncho in case of rain
  • Hot and cold beverages
  • Full day trips also include snacks

…….and don’t forget to check out the sample lunch menu!

Lunch Menu 

All tours include gourmet and locally grown salads, a choice of main course (chicken or vegetarian), dessert, and hot/cold beverages.

Summer greens: Gourmet greens and herbs, garden fresh peas, avocado, cucumber, tomato, provolone cheese and homemade balsamic dressing

Seasonal berry: Gourmet greens and herbs, seasonal berries/fruit, toasted nuts, goat cheese and white vinaigrette dressing

Main Courses
Gourmet Vegetarian Sandwich: Local homemade bread with mixed greens, pesto or spiced mustard sauce, tomato, avocado, cucumber, and havarti.
Roasted Chicken Sandwich: Local homemade bread with slow roasted chicken breast, greens, mustard sauce, tomato and cheese.

Chocolate brownie

Guests must be at least 18 years old unless accompanied by an adult or a waiver has been signed indicating an underage guest may participate.